Back-up systems

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Back-up systems

Back-up systems

In systems which require guaranteed continuity of service even in the case of malfunction of the main pumping system, or in the case of technical stoppages to carry out normal maintenance or extraordinary maintenance operations it is best to be prepared with a back-up system.

These systems are conceived to intervene autonomously if it becomes necessary to  fully and quickly replace the functions of the main system.

Made with centrifuge pumps or pistons depending on flow capacity and pressure requirements,  Vanzetti back-up systems can be designed to respond quickly to the specific requirements of the customer.

Control and remote surveillance systems active 24/7 can also be incorporated into the back-up package to promptly inform operators if the system intervenes.   

Support structure and coverage in galvanised and stainless steel and the general use of noble materials like bronze ad stainless steel guarantee high resistance to atmospheric agents and saline atmospheres.

An adequate insulation of the ducts ensures the minimum transfer of heat to the liquid pumped during pumping operations, thus preserving the original thermodynamic characteristics of the product pumped.