Series SGM

Centrifugal pumps - Industrial Gases

Elevate qualità e prestazioni caratterizzano le pompe centrifughe stazionarie SGM di Vanzetti, progettate per il trasferimento ad alte portate di fluidi criogenici da serbatoi fissi a cisterne mobili e viceversa (installate a terra o a bordo camion). Disponibili in versione azionata da motore elettrico o motore idraulico, nonché in versione ATEX per installazione in aree classificate, esse sono in grado di coprire svariate applicazioni industriali e di processo: si tratta di sistemi studiati per il trasferimento di fluidi criogenici tra serbatoi (da serbatoio fisso a cisterna mobile e viceversa).


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Comparator SGM

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  • 160
  • 185

Details and technical informations

Technical features

  • Direct power transmission
  • Mechanical seal in rulon
  • Inducer to minimize required NPSH
  • Low noise emission (< 80 dB)

Liquids transferred



  • Liquid transfer from mobile tanks to storage tanks
  • Liquid transfer from storage tanks flow conditions referred to fixed prevalence and capacity


  • Filter
  • Flexible hose for suction, return and by-pass lines
  • Leakage detection by temperature sensor
  • Flushing system with nitrogen gas 
  • Temperature sensor for cooling down
  • Electrical control panel
  • Motor suitable for VFD
  • Customized electrical control panel available on demand
  • Completely automated systems available on demand
  • Mobile skid available on demand

Tests and controls

  • Dimensional check of each mechanical component before assembling
  • Running test of each pump with LIN before delivery


    Designed according to:
  • European Directive 2006/42/CE Machinery
  • European Directive PED 97/23/CE
  • EIGA/IGC/CGA guidelines