Complete stock of spare parts

Availability of all original spare parts

At our premises we have a  complete stock of spare parts, related to everything that regards alternative cryogenic,centrifuge andsubmerged pumps, and, more generally, on the whole range of cryogenic components by Vanzetti.

Every category of products is monitored in terms of conditions and availability. This monitoring aims to guarantee the most complete service possible, especially because, given the specific nature of the sector we operate in, we intend to ensure our customers the possibility to find everything they need in our spaces.
Our sales team is available for everything relating to the whole range of spare parts for Vanzetti cryogenic components.


LNG applications

  • LNG/LCNG vehicles

  • LNG and LCNG filling stations

  • Marine sector

  • Civil and industrial sector

  • Custom-made engineering systems

  • Marine Fuel Gas System (FGS)

Our team is at your disposal for all kinds of requests