With our customers from the very start through to after sales

The new remote assistance service

We supply a  complete assistance and information service: we are your disposal right from the very start, when the decisions are made before purchase, through to after sales.
Our company's success depends also on the attention that we pay daily to the needs of our customers. Those who place their trust in us can be sure that they will be assisted and advised by a  team of experts capable of answering every question and solving every problem that might occur during the after sales phase.

Our new premises also host a room for remote assistance, equipped with state of the art technologies that allow communication via video/tele conference and the exchange of information with customers whenever they need help.

LNG applications

  • LNG/LCNG vehicles

  • LNG and LCNG filling stations

  • Marine sector

  • Civil and industrial sector

  • Custom-made engineering systems

  • Marine Fuel Gas System (FGS)

Our team is at your disposal for all kinds of requests