Northing is left to chance

In the sector we operate in, it is essential to have an in-depth knowledge of all the operational aspects of the components that make up cryogenic systems.
Adequate training is necessary to guarantee the right level of safety, reliability and performance of the systems.

To this end, our team is at the disposal of customers to provide training sessions on the product and its maintenance.

We specifically organize regular training courses on our premises for fitters and maintenance operators. They are held in our modern conference room, equipped to host a large number of people, to transfer their know-how and skill in courses focused on:

  • maintenance;
  • correct operation of components and systems;
  • application of the single products;
  • correct management of systems.

For those about to enter the world of LNG or who have entered it only recently, as plant engineers and consultants, we organize courses to further analyse the sector and the necessary skills for the drawing up of business cases.

LNG applications

  • LNG/LCNG vehicles

  • LNG and LCNG filling stations

  • Marine sector

  • Civil and industrial sector

  • Custom-made engineering systems

  • Marine Fuel Gas System (FGS)

Our team is at your disposal for all kinds of requests