Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide

Air Gases

LNG dispenser

Designed to operate in connection with ARTIKA II/S and ARTIKA IV/S skids.

The dispenser has been conceived with smooth and ergonomic design for safe, reliable and fast refuelling operations. 

With double display (one for each side) to aid refuelling operations, it is also equipped with a group of accessories for the automated running in connection with the submerged pump skid. The LNG DISPENSER includes: 
  • control of the on-board cryogenic tank completed refuelling
  • cryogenic flexible hose for fuel dispensing and vent hose – equipped with SAFETY BREAKAWAY COUPLING systems and JC CARTER nozzles
  • software to check dispensed fuel and applied price

automatic payment with credit card

FLOW-RATE: from 80 to 350 l/min