Low-pressure submerged pumps ARTIKA Series are characterised by the absence of gaskets and seals subjected to wear, ensuring extremely high reliability and extended lifetime. The pump remains constantly submerged in the cryogenic liquid so it results always ready to start, avoiding cooling-down downtimes.


  • Low-pressure (10/20 bar) marine engine Fuel Gas Systems
  • Stripping and spray
  • Booster
  • Ship-to-ship bunkering
  • Cargo, FSRU, FSU
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Features and information

Technical features

  • Available in 1 stage or multistages configurations (2, 3, 4 or 6)
  • Helical inducer to minimize NPSH requested
  • Designed to work submerged in a cryostat/sump or in cryogenic tank
  • Integrated motor to be used with inverter/VFD
  • Low maintenance due to the absence of elements subject to wear and the continuous LNG lubrication
  • Suitable for both continuous and discontinuous use


  • Cryostat/sump equipped with safety valves, liquid and gas drain valves and other accessories
  • Double feed through electrical connector
  • Mounting bracket for in-tank installations
  • Internal cryogenic power cables
  • External power cables
  • Leakage detection on feed through accessories
  • Junction box


Designed according to:

  • European Directive Machinery
  • European Directive ATEX
  • Marine Class Certifications: BV, DNV, ABS, RINA, LR, CCS, NK, KR, RMRS

Test and checks

  • Dimensional control of each mechanical component before assembly
  • Performance test with LIN available for class and customer

Product details

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