ESK-IMO Series

In-tank retractable cryogenic submerged pumps, ESK-IMO Series for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).


  • LNG SST: Mobility (e.g. marine fuel, bunkering and fuel for trucks)
  • LNG SST: Industry (e.g. fuel for power, steam or heating production in off-grid locations)
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Features and information

Technical features

  • Available in 1 or 2 stages configurations
  • Helical inducer to minimize NPSH requested
  • Designed to be installed inside a storage tank in a vertical pump column with a suction (foot) valve located at the bottom
  • Pump feed-through
  • One-piece solid shaft to ensure reliability standard
  • Integrated motor to be used with inverter/VFD
  • Low maintenance due to the absence of elements subject to wear and the continuous LNG lubrication
  • Suitable for both continuous and discontinuous use


  • Removable cryogenic submerged motor pump
  • Foot valve Assy
  • Head plate Assy equipped with lifting rod, seals pack, safety stopper, cable holder and rain cover
  • Support and lifting cables
  • Cryogenic armored electrical cables
  • Brackets for cables clamp
  • Double feed-through for power supply
  • Special tools for pump support


  • Electrical junction box
  • External shielded and armored cable
  • Accelerometers and cables
  • Feed-through for instrumentation
  • Vibration monitoring system
  • Dummy pump


  • API 610
  • European Directive ATEX
  • European Directive Machinery

Test and checks

  • Electrical test on the motor
  • Pressure test on pump housing, Feed-through,
  • Suction valve and Head plate
  • Load test on the suction valve
  • LIN Performances test with vibration measurements
  • Dimensional inspection before and after running test

Product details

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