Leading Cryogenic Technologies

For the LNG marine industry and LNG heavy-duty transport vehicles

Thanks to over 30 years' experience in cryogenics and over 15 years of researchdevelopmentsuccessful innovation and practical experience in the LNG fieldVanzetti Engineering delivers comprehensive and integrated cryogenic pumps solutions for IndustrialAutomotive and Marine applications. Hundreds of successful projects worldwide in over 30 years of experience, are our guarantee and your peace-of-mind.


Innovative technologies and continuous research are the main pillars that distinguish the submerged pumps Artika Series and reciprocating pumps VT-3 Series developed for low and high pressure marine engine fuel gas systems, stripping and spray applications, booster, ship to ship bunkering, cargo and more.


Thanks to the constant growth of our activities, Vanzetti Engineering is able to provide advanced technology components for LNG and L-CNG filling stations.


The field experience acquired through the supply of complete pumping systems, has enabled the development of systems and components dedicated to any type of LNG and LBG applications in the industrial sector.

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